Making Mustard

Making Mustard

It's A Messy Business Making Mustard

But that’s okay. We’re cool with making a hot mess to bring you the best tasting mustard. We’re willing to get our hands dirty to bring you a delicious blend of locally grown brown and white mustard seeds from Norwich, England. Complete and total mustard magic. Colman’s is more than a condiment, people. It’s a way of life. A messy life, sure. But we all know that a messy life is a life well-lived.

Making Mustard

The Magic of Tradition

What’s that they say? Everything old is new again? Well, since 1814, Colman’s has been adding a devilish kick to everyday recipes.

Our gourmet hot mustard is made using time-honored traditions and the highest quality ingredients. A bold, hot staple that has captured brave souls and adventurous taste buds for a good long time. Not to brag, but literally for generations.

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THE Burger

Master of Mustard

It’s a thing. Trust us. In America, people think Jeremiah was a bullfrog. But in the U.K., it is a well-known fact that Jeremiah was a Mustard Master. The tradition that started with Jeremiah Colman over 200-years ago lives on.

Case in point - our mustard is so meticulously crafted that it was once dubbed “The Queen’s Mustard”. Today, the royal secret is out, and Colman’s is waking up taste buds of Dukes, Princesses and all the rest of us non-royals with an authentic, fiery kick in the mouth. View Varieties >

Make it Hot. Make it Messy. Make it Colman's.

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