Much like our British sense of humor, this version of Colman’s is dry. This fine grained mustard powder is a blend of white & brown mustard seeds which gives it an indescribable, yet hot, flavor. Just a wee bit goes a long way.

Dry Mustard
Dry Mustard 4oz
Dry Mustard
Dry Mustard 2oz

Constantly searching for flavor? Never be unprepared with Colman’s prepared mustard. The blend of white & brown mustard seeds brings a proper level of heat to any dish. Always have it on hand in case of emergencies (bland recipes).

Prepared Mustard
Squeezy Mustard
Prepared Mustard
Prepared Mustard
Was introduced to Colman's by my Grandfather and I am 76 now.
Barb H.
Colman’s is a must have in my pantry!
Cameron G.
Best powered mustard I have ever used.
Linda D.
I’ve been using this mustard for 8 years!
Tyler M.
Now that's my kind of mustard.
Janine E.

Exceptionally Different

What happens when you blend together locally grown and harvested brown and white mustard seeds from Norwich, England? Mustard magic. Learn More >

Queen Colman's